Landfill Site expansion update

Perth Landfill
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Posted on: May 19, 2021

Grant Machan, Director of Environmental Services, brought an update to council on the Landfill Site expansion. The site has been a hive of activity lately, as workers prepare for a busy summer construction season. 

“We have issued the tender for the piping system, on budget. There’s lots of activity at the site – the team is clearing roads, doing excavation work,” Machan said. 

Councillor Brown asked about the environmentally friendly clay liner that had been proposed for the Landfill Site expansion.  “Earlier this year, you mentioned there wasn’t enough clay available to be purchased for the clay liner. What’s happening?” Machan responded that Gemtech and RJ Burnside are currently researching to find out if geosynthetic materials would be suitable to supplement and/or replace the lack of clay.  

Machan’s report noted that construction gates have been installed to mark the boundary of the construction project, and dirt roads have been upgraded to support construction vehicle movement. On site, worker amenities, trailers, and storage has been installed.

The Ministry of Labour is expected to perform a site inspection shortly before work moves ahead. The Landfill Expansion is an ambitious $4 million project.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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