Nunsense is wacky, it’s outrageous, and its great family fun!

dancing sisters of Hoboken, New Jersey
Meet the dancing sisters of Hoboken, New Jersey. In rehearsal are (L to R) Patti Greer, Claire Campbell, Raynee Doner Hodge,Tracy Noonan and Dani Corbishley. Photo courtesy Terry Boyd.
Posted on: April 25, 2023

Let’s start with a little who’s who in Nunsense and the Little Sisters of Hoboken.

Sister Mary Hubert is played by Tracey Noonan, who while playing a wiseman an annual nativity pageant was accidentally trampled by a camel who went berserk. Sister Mary Amnesia, (Raynee Doner), has no clue who she is, recalling only that a crucifix fell on her head. Sister Mary Leo, (Claire Campbell), is named after her Uncle Leo, a notorious Chicago gangster. Sister Mary Robert Anne, (Patti Greer), is very popular with kids because she speaks their language, but Reverend Mother Regina, Dani Corbishley, originally from a small county in Ireland called Kilquirky, regrets that a lot of this language is unprintable.

Brent McLaren, is our Nunsense director. Brent is our “ever ready bunny” of enthusiasm and optimism. He knows this musical inside out and is very pumped to make it the church steeple pinnacle of entertainment for young and old alike. Brent loves his jokes, just like I do. Jokes like “I try to avoid making nun jokes, but it’s a farce of habit.” and “I know a nun who says her nightly prayers in the shower. She does it out of habit.”

Seems we aren’t the only theatre with nuns on parade! The Sound of Music graces the stage in Cobourg and Carleton Place and in Brighton there will be Drinking Habits. Gananoque theatre is also highlighting nuns. There has been a mad scramble for nun paraphernalia by costumers in every theatre. I know – I was one of the scramblers! Who would have thought that scapulars and wimples would be in such demand?

Julia Egener and Marie Amyot are the master costumers who are working on a ton of black and white material. A few nun costume bits and pieces were borrowed from Suzart productions, but for the most part we had to start from scratch. Hems had to be raised 6 inches from the floor so that the robes won’t get caught in the taps. That would be disastrous! I personally think it would be hilarious if our audience came dressed in white and black, so that the nuns on stage look out and imagine a sea of penguins, the Ascot race scene from My Fair Lady or just a whole lot more nuns.

And yes, there is also a live onstage band with some great songs! Musicians Val Leavitt, Mark Mulrenin, Brent McLaren, Kevin McHale and Andy Williamson have been practicing to perfectly accompany every number in this record long running musical.

You have 8 chances to take in this comical piece of musical theatre. Show dates are Thursday May 4, Friday and Saturday May 5 and 6, at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinee at 2 pm on May 7. Performances are also Thursday to Sunday May 11-14. Tickets are $27. (all fees included) and are available through or at the door. Opening night is $5 off and youth 17 and under are always ½ price!

Nunsense is great family fun!

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