Perth welcomes new 24-hour taxi service

Georgina Taxi
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Posted on: April 14, 2021

During Tuesday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, the Perth town council received a letter from concerned citizen Patricia Brien about limited transportation options in Perth. 

Brien outlined her recent experience following a visit to the Emergency Department of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital. After receiving care, she was discharged at 5:45am. A senior living in downtown Perth, Brien does not drive. She was nervous to walk home in the dark, but had no other option due to the lack of 24-hour taxi services in Perth.

Councillor Cameron shared her dismay upon reading this letter, and asked if something could be done.

Councillor Smith spoke up, sharing the news that Perth does indeed have a brand new 24-hour taxi service, Georgina Taxi.  Their information is available at, and their phone number is 613-466-2000. 

Council members celebrated this good news and Councillor Cameron suggested that Georgina Taxi would do well to post their phone number at the hospital.

Welcome to town, Georgina Taxi!

Article by Janelle Labelle