Thomas Cavanagh Construction is successful bidder for Rideau Lakes build in Portland

Township of Rideau Lakes Municipal Offices sign.
The Portland hall and library RFP was supported by the municipal services committee on Monday April 22 during a regular meeting. Thomas Cavanagh Construction was the successful bidder. Photo credit: Laurie Weir.
Posted on: April 22, 2024

New hall and library bid comes in at just over $2.5M


The construction of the long-awaited Portland hall and library has been awarded to Thomas Cavanagh Construction for just over $2.57 million. 

It was during the regular meeting of the Township of Rideau Lakes municipal services committee that councillors supported the recommendation by Steve Holmes, the township’s director of facilities and parks. Staff will also be authorized to negotiate storm water management construction with the contractor once drawings are completed. 

Coun. Paula Banks asked how the scoring system worked to give the public an idea as to how staff came up with the recommendation on the winning bid on the request for proposals. 

“Because you’re not recommending the lowest contractor, I thought it would be good for you to explain the philosophy behind it,” she said. 

This was a system that was used for the fire station project, so Holmes said he’d use it for this project. 

Holmes explained that each of the nine bids received, Cavanagh scored the highest through a points system that examined the following metrics: team, experience, schedule, and price. The township has a $3M budget for the project, and Cavanagh’s was the second lowest bid. 

“This is a contractor we have to work with for 10 to 12 months,” Holmes said. “I want to have a good relationship,” and he said he felt this company that would go to bat for them. 

“The price is competitive, and the company has demonstrated experience of similar projects,” Holmes stated in his report. “These projects include the recent Beckwith municipal building, Pembroke municipal garage, and new auto dealer showroom/garage. 

“The proposed project team is clearly defined, and the project manager and site supervisor bring over 35 combined years of construction experience for this project. There are several local sub-trades proposed to be used, including Arnott Brothers, Cavanagh Concrete, Publow’s Plumbing and McNamee Heating,” Holmes noted. 

Coun. Jeff Banks asked about the cost of the storm management plan and if they have to give that project to Cavanagh, “or do we negotiate with them, or do they offer it to somebody else that’s local and might be able to do that work?”

Holmes said it was “unfortunate that storm water management wasn’t included with the design. Typically, it always is and we wouldn’t be discussing it now. It would already be in there.”

Holmes said they can’t go to an outside contractor. “The contractor will be the one we go with so they will have to perform the work.”

The $45,000 figure he received from Eastern Engineering, the company working on the drawings. Holmes said he was hoping to have all the figures together for council’s consideration. “We will have to negotiate with them. Sometimes you can do it up front.”

The stormwater management is part of the contingency fund, Holmes noted. 

Coun. Marcia Maxwell said she couldn’t support the project as she felt it was rushed. “There are things where we are putting out a contract and we still have some unknowns,” she said. “We’re not sure what we’re getting ourselves into.”

A summary of costs – so far – is $2,828,024, which includes the contractor’s bid, construction and design allowance at eight per cent or $182,000, Hydro fees connection allowance at $30,000 and the $45,000 for storm water management construction. 

The committee voted to accept the recommendation by Holmes to award the project to Thomas Cavanagh Construction. It will come to a future council meeting for final approval.

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