‘Laudable objective’: Housing co-operative looks forward to next steps to finding property for affordable housing

When one door closes another opens as the Linden Housing Development Co-operative will search for a new piece of land for affordable housing in Lanark County after county councillors opted to retain the land the housing group had been eyeing on Christie Lake Road. Photo credit: Pexels.
Posted on: April 12, 2024

Lanark County council opted to keep 99 Christie Lake Road for their own potential development


Linden Housing Development Co-operative will search other avenues after Lanark County opted to keep a four-acre parcel of land for their own use. 

The co-op had eyed the property in Tay Valley Township, next to Lanark Lodge, near the county administrative offices — 99 Christie Lake Road — for an 80-unit project to help with affordable housing in the county. They had presented their project at a March council, outlining their aspirations, which included a possible annex of land so Perth could supply water and sewer to the units. 

At the county’s community services meeting April 10, councillors unanimously voted in favour of the staff recommendation to retain the lands for their own use, which could include an expansion at the lodge or at the administrative offices. 

“We respect Lanark County council’s prerogative to allocate their land resources in a manner they believe best serves the broader community’s needs,” Steve Welchner, the chair of the housing development co-op, told this media outlet following the decision.

“Maintaining a parcel of land for the future expansion of Lanark Lodge is certainly a laudable objective.”

 Welchner said they are entering an “exciting phase” with their project, as they are exploring other protentional sites in Perth.

“Our goal remains to find a location that not only meets our criteria for developing affordable, eco-conscious housing but also enhances accessibility and community integration,” he said. “County council’s decision allows us to pivot to a new opportunity that might offer even greater benefits for our intended residents and for the community at large.”

 Welchner said they are committed to their mission of providing sustainable and affordable housing solutions in Perth through a co-op model.

“We are looking forward to the opportunities this next phase of site searching will bring,” he said. “We remain dedicated to working collaboratively with local authorities, community stakeholders, and potential partners to realize our vision, and are so grateful to the community for its broad support.”

Part of the county’s staff recommendation was to help find parcels of land appropriate for this type of development, whether it’s county or provincially owned. 

Welchner said housing co-operatives are unique, empowering their members through participatory governance and collective decision-making, according to the release. 

“This model not only provides affordable housing, but also fosters a strong community spirit and a sense of belonging among its members.”

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