SF Wastewater experiences two lift pump failures in three months

Smiths Falls town hall
Smiths Falls town hall. Photo credit: smithsfalls.ca
Posted on: September 14, 2021

Jason Barlow, manager of Water and Wastewater Treatment, requested council to approve an emergency repair to a sewage lift pump during Monday evening’s Committee of the Whole meeting. This was the second lift pump to fail in the space of three months. 

“This is the original pump from 1992. Hewitt Brockville said that it would be back to normal operating requirements after the refurbishment.”

Noting the two pumps failure in such a short time, Councillor Wendy Alford asked “if we’ve had this many failures in three months, will we be seeing a brand new one requested in the next budget?” “No,” assured Barlow, “Every five years a pump gets rebuilt. Hewitt is able to do an assessment on the pump to make sure it’s capable of producing the flow in the quantities we require.” 

The emergency repair is expected to cost $27,219.78, and will keep the pump working well into the future.

Article by Janelle Labelle

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