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Bully proof your kids

Carrie Wynne I was raised in a household in 70’s where nurturing a child’s self-esteem would be considered laughable.  I remember hearing, “good kids should be seen and not heard” and my father would get a few laughs saying that “the joys of raising kids are grossly exaggerated.” I know that my father loved me, […]

Letter from the editor: New Year’s Resolutions

April Scott-Clarke april@pdgmedia.ca I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions but this year I am — to be more disciplined and stick to a schedule. I have personal and business goals I want to achieve and I think a lot of being successful in doing so is to have a more routined life. Over the […]

Community news isn’t a money maker but it’s worth it

April Scott-Clarke The news of Postmedia and Torstar trading community papers and shutting most of them down was big news, but not entirely surprising. Money talks — or in this case, silences — and to be honest, there’s no real money in community news. In the deal, where no cash was exchanged because all the […]

We’re hiring : Multi Media Advertising Sales Consultant

PDG media is an independent newspaper and digital media publisher. We are looking for a reliable and results-oriented person to join our team. We need someone who knows how to sell print advertising packages that compliments editorial in edition to understanding the opportunities on the web. Responsibilities and Duties Th person we hire must be […]

Fall means coats and camouflage

April Scott-Clarke april@pdgmedia.ca Fall is here and with that comes brisk temperatures (although we haven’t seen much of that yet), hats, coats and camouflage. Granted, the last might not be part of everyone’s wardrobe but I’m going to guess that it is for a large part of our readership. Hunting is as much of a […]

Blast from the past: Carleton Place

Never before see photo of Carleton Place from the Guelph Public Library Archives (ON00126c6-0-0-0-0-766).

Blast from the past: Whitney’s Office Supply

From the Lanark County Museum Network Whitney’s Office Supply at it’s Beckwith Street location circa 1960. The kids are lined up for their back to school shopping. – Also from the Smiths Falls Heritage House Museum collection.

We want community ambassadors and writers

Hometown News is looking for reliable freelance writers and reporters who are interested in writing articles and attending events within the communities of Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and Perth. This is a flexible gig but we are looking for people who are interested in writing two to four articles per month. We want these people […]

Letter from the editor: I eat pork

April Scott-Clarke april@pdgmedia.ca There’s been a lot of commotion in the news lately over the treatment of farm animals — pigs in particular. Last month the Lombardy Fair (among many others across the country) was pressured by a farm animal advocacy group to cancel its pig scramble, which would have happened this past weekend. I […]

Vimy Ridge boots on display at Perth’s Hall of Remembrance

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca Four rows of modern-day combat boots seemed to stretch forever across the idyllic green expanse of Vimy Ridge in France this past April 9, lovingly placed there by the hands of French and Canadian students. Each row represented one of the four divisions of the Canadian Corps that fought at Vimy Ridge […]

Don’t sweat the sales stuff

By Carrie Wynne Sales is really quite simple and not nearly as frightening as some people think. If you’re a new business owner or just starting out in sales you may be feeling a little intimidated by the sales activities involved in promoting your product or service, but don’t sweat the sales stuff. You just […]


Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca Pat Evans is quick to encourage anyone who has Parkinson’s Disease to go public about it. It helps raise awareness about the prevalence of the nasty affliction, and she points out that the Parkinson’s problem is only going to get worse as our population ages. Evans would also like you to come […]

Do you ever wonder how violence impacts our behaviour and attitudes?

I went to find something to watch the other night.  Every type of violence you can imagine was on the menu; human trafficking, terrorists, torture, shootings, rape, revenge, kidnapping, serial killers, bombs and guns. There are forests that aren’t as shady as some of these shows. I might never recover and I just read the […]

Truth and consequences of the all encompassing cell phone

I watched someone check Facebook during a business meeting the other day.  I felt so insignificant and unimportant I wanted to throw my hands up in the air.  We’re acting like a bunch of teenagers; drunk on cell phone drama and convinced it’s more important than the people right in front of us.   If […]

Conlon Farm Recreation Complex is showcased – Part IV

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca Construction on Conlon Farm Recreation Complex commenced in 1988, and long-time softball enthusiast Neil Fennell watched closely to see if his dream of Perth hosting a tournament for competitive teams might finally come true through the availability of suitable facilities. Soon Fennell thought he had his answer, and he began to educate […]

Five strategies for inspired living

It takes discipline and practice to create a mindset where inspiration thrives. Most of us have been hardwired for struggle. Life can be discouraging at times and we allow ourselves to get depleted by these bad mental states. We need good habits and routines that keep us on track.  Here are five strategies to create […]

Farm Recreation Complex & the little town that could – Part III

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca It seemed improbable back in the mid 1980s that the little town of Perth could raise more than $1,000,000 to fund a recreation facility. Especially given the fiscally conservative mindset of many town officials. Recently I caught up with John Willson and Lana March, who were both on the Conlon Farm Recreation Area fundraising […]

Pills should be the last resort

OPINION There’s a pharmaceutical solution for every problem. But not every problem needs a pharmaceutical solution. What’s wrong with being a little crazy? Pills are a quick fix. Our fast-paced society doesn’t value or support the kind of deep work that’s necessary to help people navigate through turbulent waters. It’s more convenient to give a […]

Conlon Farm Recreation Complex fundraising begins – Part II

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca “Conlon fundraising starting now” blared the headline under the Perth Courier Oct. 8, 1986 masthead.  The story went on to say that “Although a total figure to be raised through donations has not been determined yet, a fundraising drive for phase one of the Conlon Farm recreation project is quickly gearing up. […]

Eric Devlin: A life of dedication to country and community, Part 2

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca Read part one of the two-part series. Current and past Legion president, war veteran, and long-time member Eric Devlin recently mused about his early days growing up in Perth, revealing that he had been a proficient roller skater at the height of that sport’s popularity. He was one of the few local […]

Conlon Farm Recreation Complex is born – Part I

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca “Conlon fundraising starting now” blared the headline under the Perth Courier Oct. 8, 1986 masthead.  The story went on to say that “Although a total figure to be raised through donations has not been determined yet, a fundraising drive for phase one of the Conlon Farm recreation project is quickly gearing up. […]

Eric Devlin – A life of dedication to country and community

Terry O’Hearn editorial@pdgmedia.ca This is part one of a two-part series. Read part two.  Perth Legion President Eric Devlin gave more than 42 years of military service to his country at various times in the previous century.  He served in the Canadian Army during World War Two, as well as in Japan, Korea, Germany, and […]